Upcoming Restoration Work in Sterne’s Woods and Fen

Sat February 1, 2020

The Crystal Lake Park District will be removing several trees located along the trail system at Veteran Acres and Sterne’s Woods and Fen.  As a result, portions of the trails will be closed for the safety of our visitors while the work is being performed.  At no time will the entire trail system be closed to the public.


Beginning next week, large aggressive trees that were allowed to establish in the absence of fire will be removed from Sterne’s Woods and Fen as part of the ongoing Sterne’s Fen Restoration project.  This work should last approximately one week, weather permitting, and will only impact the portion of the trails at Sterne’s identified in the map on the Crystal Lake Park District website Project Update page at https://www.crystallakeparks.org/project-updates. 


In 2014 the Crystal Lake Park District began a multi-phase project to restore the hydrology of Sterne’s Fen.  The next phase of work at Veteran Acres will take place over the next three months and will involve the removal of several large dead or dying trees along the trail north of The Nature Center.  These trees pose a potential threat to the safety of our visitors, volunteers, and staff and will be removed as weather and time permits.  Detailed information regarding the schedule and location of the removals will be posted on the Crystal Lake Park District website Project Update as it is available.


Please direct questions to John Fiorina, Manager of Natural Resources and Interpretive Services at jfiorina@crystallakeparks.org or 815-321-9080.