Aquatic Herbicide Treatments of Unwanted Plants at Veteran Acres Pond Scheduled for July 6

Thu July 5, 2018

In an effort to control aquatic plants that have taken over the surface of the water at Veteran Acres pond, Hey and Associates, Inc. will be conducting an herbicide treatment on Friday morning, July 6, 2018. The product applied will be a liquid form of a selective, systemic aquatic herbicide to control specific plants within the body of water. Duckweed, water lilies and cattails are naturally occurring aquatic plants that must be treated chemically to reduce their coverage.  This is the first step in a restoration program aimed to strike a balance between the health and aesthetic qualities of the pond.  Residents should understand that the pond will look worse before it looks better.  The dead plant material will be unsightly for a period of time this summer. 

Water use restrictions are as follows:

  • There are NO RESTRICTIONS on fishing, swimming or livestock/pet water consumption following

this application

  • Water from treated areas are not to be used for irrigation following the treatment

 Treatment signs will be posted at the time of the treatment and will be removed at the end of the following day. Should the weather prevent this treatment from happening on the date listed above, the treatment will occur on the next business day that the weather allows. For more information, contact Hey and Associates, Inc. at 847-740-0888

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