Register NOW for Fall Adult Softball Leagues at Lippold Park

Wed August 10, 2022

Crystal Lake Park District Adult Softball Leagues are back for the fall at Lippold Park Boncosky Complex in Crystal Lake! Competitive and recreational adult softball leagues for Men's and Co-Rec 12" softball leagues offer weekly games at Lippold Park. The regular season consists of 12-games for Men's and Women's Leagues and 8-games for co-rec including playoffs. Competitive and recreational leagues will be combined win the event there are not enough teams to have separate divisions. Games will be played as double headers. Fall Registration deadline: Aug 12. Link to registration on our website, registration now open. Go to, click on ‘Sports and Fitness’ and then ‘Adult Sports’ and then ‘Softball’. Complete the ‘Free Agent Form’ at this link to be added to our adult athletics free agent list.

Time: 6:30-10:30 pm

Location: Boncosky Softball Complex, Lippold Park, Route 176, Crystal Lake

130402-01       Men's A League       Starts Tu, 8/23/22                  $600/team

130402-02       Men's B League       Starts Tu, 8/23/22                  $600/team

130402-03       Men's C League       Starts Tu, 8/23/22                  $600/team

130403-01       Men's A League       Starts Wed, 8/24/22             $600/team

130403-02       Men's B League       Starts Wed, 8/24/22             $600/team

130403-03       Men's C League       Starts Wed, 8/24/22             $600/team

130404-01       Men's A League       Starts Th, 9/1/22                    $600/team

130404-02       Men's B League       Starts Th, 9/1/22                    $600/team

130404-03       Men's C League       Starts Th, 9/1/22                    $600/team

130405-01       Co-Rec A League   Starts Fr, 9/16/22                   $400/team

130405-02       Co-Rec B League    Starts Fr, 9/16/22                   $400/team

130405-03       Co-Rec C League   Starts Fr, 9/16/22                   $400/team

Questions? Contact Ian Booker, Athletics Supervisor at