Crystal Lake Park District Expands Nature Center Programs

Tue September 4, 2018

The Crystal Lake Park District is offering NEW programs that will appeal to all ages. Advance registration is required for more programs. Register online at or in person at the Crystal Lake Park District Administrative Office, 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake. The Nature Center is located at 330 N. Main St, Crystal Lake. For questions about programs and special events at The Nature Center, call 814-455-1763.


Paws on the Path

Ages 16 & Up

This dog and owner class will feature guest speaker Richard Hopkins, of Best in Home Dog Service. Richard will talk about his business and give some quick easy pointers about dog training. These pointers can be used after the lecture to go for a group socializing walk with your dog.

Location: Nature Center, Instructor: Jess Day

Sa, 9/8, 3-4:30 pm

$15/$20, register for code 122318-01


Intro to Archery

Ages 9-16

Discover the secret to shooting a traditional bow and arrow, whether it be from a compound or recurve bow in this two week class. Learn the unique skill and technique of archery in a fun and challenging atmosphere from an experienced instructor.

Location: Nature Center, Instructor: Jess Day

Tu-Th, 9/11-9/20, 5-6 pm

$35/$45, register for code 122319-01


Archery for Adults

Ages 18 & Up

Adults are you tired of the children having all the fun? Well then you are in luck, come on down to the Nature Center for some fun and maybe some stress relief. This one day intro archery class will teach you how to properly shoot in an archery range. This is for you if you have never shot, forgotten everything, need a refresher or just want to enjoy a night of shooting archery.

Location: Nature Center, Instructor: Jess Day

Sa, 9/22, 5-6:30 pm

$10/$15, register for code 132301-01

Grand Ol’ Game Night

Ages 3 & Up

Are you ready for a Grand Ole time with your grandchild? Bring your grandchild and come have fun and see the Nature Center's twist on some traditional games. These games will test your knowledge and skills about nature. Only the grandparent will have to register.

Location: Nature Center

Fri, 10/26, 6-7:30 pm

$10/$15, register for code 132302-01


Intro to Wood Carving

Ages 8-14

Do you ever wonder if it is just easy and no one tells their secrets, or is hard and takes time and patience? We can get you started by teaching the different types of tools needed for woodcarving. This class will go over proper safety and handling of knives, different types and different methods of carving. Each participant will go home with a project to finish at the end of the class.

Location: Nature Center, Instructor: Jess Day

W, 12/5, 6-7:30 pm

$20/$25, register for code 122335-01



Family Craft Night

1 Class

Would you like to spend time with your family and make some crafts out of natural items for that someone special, or just make a personalized homemade craft to give? Then come get your craft on with the Nature Center as we will have nature crafts prepped and ready to be made into works of art.

One adult from each family will need to register for the class fee, and the rest will sign a waiver the night of participation.

Location: Nature Center, Instructor: Jess Day

F, 12/14, 6-7:30 pm

$20/$25, 152302-01


Family Dinner Night

Ages 6 & Up

Ever try to cook an outdoor gourmet meal without using a grill? As a family you will help prep, make and cook a complete meal as part of the group with different cooking methods. The best part of the class is you get to enjoy the dinner you made!

Location: Nature Center, Instructor: Jess Day

F, 11/2, 6-8 pm

$10/$15, register for code 152301-01