2020 Public Beach Herbicide Treatment -Main Beach Swim Area

Thu June 18, 2020

On Monday morning, June 22, Hey and Associates, Inc. will be conducting the annual beach herbicide treatment at Main Beach swimming area. The swimming area will be treated with a granular form of selective aquatic herbicide to control submersed aquatic vegetation and with a granular formulation of an algaecide to treat chara, a type of algae that grows in the shallower areas on the lake bed.

Additional areas to receive treatment will be areas adjacent to Gates 3, 13, 15 and will include waters approximately 50’ off of the shoreline to approximately 100’ offshore. This portion of the application is due to not being able to treat initially during the June 8th treatment date.

Do not swim in treated water for a minimum of 24 hours after application. Do not use lake water from the public beaches (treatment areas) for irrigating plants, as drinking water (human or pet) or for mixing sprays for agricultural or ornamental plants for a period of 7 days from the application date. Fishing will not be restricted after application.

Should the weather prevent this treatment from happening on the date listed above, the treatment will occur on the next business day that the weather allows.

For more information, contact Hey and Associates, Inc. at 847-740-0888.