Aquatic Herbicide Treatments of Non-Native Species on June 4

Fri May 31, 2019

On Tuesday morning, June 4, 2019, Hey and Associates, Inc. will be conducting herbicide treatments of areas within West Bay, including waters directly adjacent to the inflowing channel. Public swimming areas are not included in this treatment. This treatment will include waters adjacent to the shoreline to approximately 75’ offshore. This treatment consists of a contact aquatic herbicide to control specific, unwanted, submerged, non-native vegetation.

There are NO RESTRICTIONS on water use from treated areas immediately following  this application.

Treatment signs will be posted at the time of the treatment in each individual lot where the treatment is to occur near the shoreline and can be removed at the end of the next day after the treatment day.

Should the weather prevent this treatment from happening on the date listed above, the treatment will occur on the next business day that the weather allows.


For more information, contact Hey and Associates, Inc. at 847-740-0888.