Crystal Lake Park District Seeks Resident Input for Multiple Playground Renovation Projects

Tue October 26, 2021

The month of November includes three opportunities for residents of the Crystal Lake Park District to provide input on playground renovation projects planned for 2022. Attendees will be able to review a variety of concept plans to provide input and ask questions. Information gathered at these meetings will be used to finalize the plans for each park.

Kamijima Park (1294 North Avenue, Crystal Lake)

Public Input Meeting:

Mon, Nov 8 at 7 pm, West Beach Building, 2330 Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake

Lapins Park (6400 Scott Lane, Crystal Lake)

Public Input Meeting:

Tu, Nov 9 at 7 pm, Rotary Building at Veteran Acres, 431 N. Walkup, Crystal Lake     

Brighton Oaks Park (9818 Ballard Rd, Crystal Lake)

Public Input Meeting:

Wed, Nov 10 at 7 pm, Admin. Office, 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake


​Several possible layouts for the new playground will be presented at the meeting. These will also be posted on our website https://www.crystallakeparks.o...​, after the meeting, as well as on the Crystal Lake Park District Facebook page. The options were prepared by several different equipment manufacturers and they all meet the budget and design guidelines that were established by the park district. Using your feedback, we will choose one of these options or we might end up with a layout that is a combination of elements from several options.

You can provide feedback in several ways:

  • Send an email to
  • Call Ann at 815-459-0680, ext. 4205
  • Use the 'Contact Us' form at

Add a comment to our Facebook post about the project.

Please send your comments by November 15, 2021.

For questions or more information, contact Ann Viger, Director of Park Development and Interpretive Services at