STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Skills Programs and Youth Entrepreneurism Classes at the Crystal Lake Park District

Wed January 2, 2019

: The Crystal Lake Park District is offering 5 NEW classes gear towards kids with an interest in science & technology and entrepreneurism. Register online at or in person at the Crystal Lake Park District Administrative Office, One East Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake. Browse our interactive brochure for class descriptions and schedule,


For more information about art classes at the Crystal Lake Park District, contact Lindsey Pollina at (815) 459-0680, ext. 1210,


Beginning FUN-gineering

Ages 4-7

Young engineers will build working models of simple machines such as a seesaw, a rolling vehicle and a hockey player using Lego

Educational kits. Children will have a great time working on activities designed around creativity, exploring, investigating and

problem solving in a fun group environment! While building these fun and interactive models, they will learn about levers, pulleys,

gears, wheels and axles. Two students per Lego kit.

*no class 1/21

Location: Grand Oaks

Instructor: Computer Explorers / Staff: JP

M, 1/14-2/11, 6-7 pm, $75/$80, register for code 221744-01


Lights, Camera....Superheroes

Ages 8-12

Villains won't stand a chance when we team up your crime fighting Superheroes! Join us as we summon writers, directors and editors to make our own super movie. Working in teams to create our own story and script, create your own background scenes and film your own movie. Using your own characters, we'll help to stop crime in our movie city. All students will get a copy of their movie for home screenings, after class is complete.

Location: Grand Oaks

Instructor: Computer Explorers / Staff: JP

M, 2/25-3/18, 6-7:15 pm, $93/$98, register for code 221745-01


Animation Workshop

Ages 5-7

Using a unique software, we'll learn to create simple animations using stick figures. With collaboration and imagination, our stick

figures will come to life. Children will love exploring the possibilities to make an animated story.

Location: Grand Oaks

Instructor: Computer Explorers / Staff: JP

M, 4/8-4/29, 6-7 pm, $75/$80, register for code 221746-01


CEO Critical Thinking Lab

Ages 7-13 1 Class

Critical thinking is the foundation of education and life skills development. This is an important executive skill to foster in children to help them make decisions independently with confidence. Being able to identify a problem and evaluate when something is right or

wrong is one of the best gifts you can offer your child. Through highly motivating dramatizations and games like: toothpaste turtle, CEO Corner Office, cotton candy catastrophe and case of the balloon bouquet robber. Children will learn how to problem solve using many methods. While critical thinking skills may take many years to develop, this class will be a transformational kick-off, offering a boost in self-esteem, confidence, communication and group dynamic skills. All levels of critical thinkers are welcome.

Location: Administrative Building

Instructor: Lisa Lombardi / Staff: JP

Su, 1/20, 12:30-1:30 pm, $23/$28, register for code 221713-01


Root Beer Stand Entrepreneur Workshop

Ages 7-13 1 Class

Whether your child is entrepreneurial or not, they will LOVE this 90-minute unique spring adventure as they are coached on how to become a Root Beer Stand Entrepreneur. In a group setting, children will be mentored and motivated as they create a partial business plan and then act out running their own mock root beer stand! Targeted skills include: communication, CEO thinking, self-esteem, financial literacy, marketing, science, creativity and building a reputation. This unique enrichment offering is an instructor exclusive and teaches the basics of entrepreneurship and making business fun through the sumptuous treat of root beer...a perfect platform to wet kid's appetite for leadership! The coaching session will culminate with a decadent root beer treat. Content is adjusted for each child's age range.

Location: Administrative Building

Instructor: Lisa Lombardi / Staff: JP

Su, 5/19, 3-4:30 pm, $39/$44, register for code 221715-01