Volunteers Needed for Workday at Sterne's Woods on May 19

Wed May 15, 2019


Spend some time outdoors and help make a great park even better.  Volunteer at Sterne’s Woods & Fen on Sunday, May 19th  from 9-11AM.   We will be cutting and piling invasive honeysuckle at the east end of the abandoned track.  Refer to the red line on the updated volunteer map below.  Invasive brush like honeysuckle and buckthorn are crowding out the native fen species.  We'll also pull any invasive garlic mustard in the area.


We meet once a month at Sterne's outdoor pavilion, 5617 Hillside Dr.  Volunteers have a chance to learn about restoration ecology and what makes Sterne’s special.  Bring a waterbottle and a pair of work gloves.  The park district will supply tools, and I will bring treats.  Email Brice Alt, volunteer site steward, to receive updates: bricemaieralt@hotmail.com  The next several volunteer dates are:  June 23, July 28, and August 25.



Sterne’s Woods & Fen became an Illinois State Nature Preserve in 1994 to preserve and protect its unique ecology.  A fen is a rare type of wetland in which cold groundwater that is high in calcium and magnesium seeps to the surface.  The unique water chemistry supports plants that grow nowhere else.  Sterne’s Fen is home to at least 10 rare or endangered plant species.  The surrounding parkland acts as a buffer to the fen and includes prairie, oak savanna, and flatwood ecosystems.  Every one of those ecosystems can benefit from the efforts of volunteers.  Join us once a month and learn about them!



We've been awarded a $4,000 Community Stewardship Challenge Grant from the Illinois Clean Energy Foundation.  We've documented over 400 volunteer hours in 18 months to earn the grant.  Much thanks to the groups who have volunteered with us at Sterne's:  the MUDD trail running club, the Silver and Sleepy Hollow Creeks Watershed Coalition, the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County, the BREAK, Jacobs High School Interact, Girl Scout Troop 888, Cub Scout Pack 156, and Boy Scout Troops 158 and 368.



For an update on the recent restoration project at Sterne's Fen:  https://www.crystallakeparks.org/project-updates#SternesFen

Who was Ted Sterne?  The Crystal Lake Historical Society article: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h61unofnnnx06kg/Ted%20Sterne%20.pdf?dl=0



By volunteering at a Sterne's workday you're helping with the ecologic restoration of an exceedingly rare type of habitat. 

To learn more about restoration ecology, here's a quick video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNwQ6cRMTKI