• Fishing on Crystal lake

    2022 Walk-In FishING Keys

    Available and valid May 1, 2022-April 30, 2023 at the Administration Office, 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, CL (Mon-Fri 8:30-5 pm & Sat (April-Jul) 9:30-12 pm

    Park District Residents Only:

    Fee: $35

    Replacement Key: $10

    The Park District offers gate keys to residents who want to fish at West Park beach before the park opens. Keys allow for entrance through the park's special walk-in gates. Watercraft are NOT allowed through the walk-in gate. All watercraft must enter thru boat gate. Daily admission fees apply to the key holder and all guests wanting to use the beach and/or swimming area at West Beach. In order to purchase a card, you must show proof of residency of the Crystal Lake Park District.

  • Crystal Lake Park District Fishing Ordinance 11.17

    Fine $50/$75 per fish

    Wading into any park district body of water, other than Crystal Lake, to fish is prohibited. Fishing is allowed from shore or from piers installed for that purpose.

    A. All Illinois Department of Natural Resources Fishing Regulations will be enforced.

    B. Crystal Lake Park District (Crystal Lake and Park District Ponds)



    All Fish

    3 Poles and Line Fishing Only

    Channel Catfish

    6 Fish Daily Creel Limit

    Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass

    18" Minimum Length, 1 Fish Daily Creel Limit

    Walleye Pike

    18" Minimum Length, 2 Fish Daily Creel Limit

    Northern Pike

    24" Minimum Length, 2 Fish Daily Creel Limit


    48" Minimum Length, 1 Fish Daily Creel Limit

    Bluegill or Red Ear Sunfish

    15 Fish in Total Daily Limit

    Crappie-White or Black

    15 Fish in Total Daily Limit

    Yellow Perch

    15 Fish in Total Daily Limit

    C. All fish caught must be taken or released unharmed and in live condition subject to the provisions of this section.

    D. Each fish is a separate violation.

    E. This Fishing Ordinance will be enforced on all Park District bodies of water, including but not limited to:

    • Crystal Lake
    • Woodscreek Park
    • Four Colonies Park
    • Veteran Acres Park
    • Lippold Park
    • Sterne's Woods and Fen
    • Winding Creek Park
    • Willows Edge Park (both ponds)
    • Prairie Ridge Conservation Area

    Print Fishing Ordinance-page 9


    To improve the quality of fishing in Crystal Lake and other bodies of water within Park District parks, the Crystal Lake Park District regularly stocks a variety of species following a plan developed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

    2022 Fish Stocking Report

    Spring 2022 Largemouth Bass 555 fish 5-8"
    Spring 2022 Channel Catfish 830 fish 5-8"
    Fall 2022
    Black Crappie
    700 fish
    Fall 2022 Black Crappie 100 fish 1.5-3"
    Fall 2022 Black Crappie 2400 fish 3-5"
    Fall 2022 Black Crappie 500 fish 5-7"
    Fall 2022 Northern Pike 107 fish 9-12"
    Fall 2022 Walleye 85 fish 5-7"
    Fall 2022 Walleye 105 fish 6-8"
    Fall 2022 Walleye 400 fish 8-10"

    For questions about Crystal Lake Park District the fish stocking program, email Preston Skultety, Manager of Natural Resources