• Fitness & yoga

    The Crystal Lake Park District offers a variety of health and fitness programs throughout the year. Fitness disciplines include Bodypower, Pilates on the Mat, Bodytoning, Body Sculpting & Cardio, Zumba®, Zumba® Toning and Zumba® Gold. If yoga is more your style, we feature a variety of classes including Beginning Yoga, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Meditation, Monday Morning Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, How to use your Chakras and Chair Yoga.

    The Park District also features fitness classes geared just for seniors, such as Fit at 55 & Beyond Punch Pass and Super Senior Fitness.

    The schedule below is the most up to date way to view the current season fitness and yoga class daily schedule. Cancelled or class changes are noted in purple.. Classes that are Fitness Punch Pass eligible are denoted by 'FPP'.

    Fall 2021 Fitness/Yoga Schedule

    Fall 2021 Fitness/Yoga Digital Guide


    Concerned you might miss a class and are afraid to commit? NO WORRIES! See your instructor following the missed class to receive a MISSED A CLASS pass. The pass is good from one month of date issued for any of our other fitness classes. Waiver form must be signed for the replacement class.

    fitness descriptions

    barre fitness

    Barre Fitness is a hybrid class combining ballet inspired moves with yoga, dance, pilates and strength training. Plies as well as static moves in high reps and small ranges will be the focus in this class. Barre fitness gets you results fast!


    Unleash the power to change your body with endurance weight lifting. Classes are choreographed to music which makes the class fly by. Bars with a variety of weighted plates along with free weights are used to work major muscle groups. Warm up, core strength and cool down are included in this results-driven class. Suitable for all fitness levels.


    Experience Vinyasa Yoga choreographed to music with Maureen who has been guiding students toward renewed energy, flexibility, strength and balance for 15 years. Any level of fitness can begin the path to holistic well-being. Our ancient poses and breathing techniques are designed to create unity of mind, body and spirit. Improve core strength, posture and range of motion while experiencing serenity and deep relaxation. A great way to wind down after a long day! See what benefits this ancient practice holds!

    Body Sculpting & Cardio

    This class combines strength training, stretching and cardio exercises to help burn calories, increase flexibility and tone muscles all at once through low-impact exercises targeting all major muscle groups through the use of weights, bands, balls and varying cardio workouts during the class. This is a great class to improve

    Pilates on the Mat

    Pilates aims to improve flexibility and stability be strengthening the muscles of the body, especially the muscles of the core. Through proper execution, you will improve overall function of the body including physical therapy techniques. Unique and effect methods will be used to get maximum results whatever your fitness goals may be. All movements can be modified for any body type and fitness level.


    You can hear the beat of the energetic Latin music pulse through your body! Zumba is a style of intense aerobic dance workout with invigorating Latin and International music. Zumba combines high energy and motivating music, along with unique moves and combinations to provide an overall workout.

    zumba® Gold

    Is your body just not moving like it used to? This class is tailored to the active older participant and for those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Join this fitness class with its zesty Latin music with easy-to-follow moves that will help give you that great cardio workout in a party-like environment!


    Perfect for those who want to party, but put extra emphasis on toning and sculpting to define those muscles with the challenge of adding resistance by using Zumba Toning Sticks (for light weights) to help you focus on specific muscle groups, so you and your muscles stay engaged. Class is a 50/50 of Zumba and Zumba Toning.

    Fit at 55 & Beyond Punch Pass

    Ages 55 +

    We've got a great workout designed specifically for fantastic 50's, sizzling sixties, sensational seventies and up! During this hour long class, you will be stretching, strengthening and completing a light cardio workout while using exercise equipment, participating in fun activities and implementing various exercise techniques. To attend class, you must purchase the punch pass during regular business hours at the Administration Office or at class (payment by check only at class).

    super senior fitness

    Ages 55 +

    Designed for those seniors with less stamina and mobility or those just getting started in their fitness program. This class will use light hand weights, balance exercise, core strengthening on chairs and fun cardio games. A great way to keep up with your mobility and cardio. This class meets for 30 minutes/2 times week.

  • The schedule below is the most up to date way to view the current season fitness and yoga class daily schedule. Cancelled or class changes are noted in red. Classes that are Fitness Punch Pass eligible are denoted by 'FPP'

    Summer 2021 Fitness/Yoga Schedule

    fall 2021 Fitness/Yoga Schedule

    Fall 2021 Fitness/Yoga Digital Guide

    Yoga descriptions

    Our certified yoga instructors will guide you on proper form and technique as you challenge your body to experience strength, balance and flexibility through various forms of Yoga.


    Perfect for all levels, chair yoga is a way to relax from head to toe without stress of getting out of your chair. Find mobility in a way that is soft and gentle, but also supportive and beneficial. Activate the muscles that help you find length up through the spine for better posture and energy flow.

    flow YOGA

    Join our flow class which incorporates energetic movement through a series of yoga postures by which the student experiences a sense of fluid physical motion by moving dynamically from one posture immediately into another.

    laughing YOGA & wine

    Yoga doesn't have to be so serious. Lighten up and have fun! This class will make you laugh harder, more deeply and more fully than you have ever laughed before. Laughter yoga relieves stress, boosts immunity, fights depression and eventually makes people into more positive thinkers while discovering the healing power of laughter. Following the class, we will continue our laughter with a social hour of 2- 5 oz pours of white or red wine.


    Enjoy a serene class overlooking beautiful Crystal Lake! Through yoga poses, students will develop greater flexibility, strength, body awareness and balance. This practice blends yoga styles and will include meditation, breathing practice and relaxation techniques! Bring a yoga mat and water bottle to class.

    Kids Yoga

    Yoga is a great way for a child to improve impulsiveness, help control emotions and ease stress. In a relaxed, fun and playful setting overlooking Crystal Lake's Main Beach, students will learn tools to deal with stress and aid in concentration. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle to class.

    Kundalini Yoga

    Take your yoga to the next level. This class will take you on a journey to find joy and peace within yourself. Use breath, mantra and movement to bring yourself to a state of balance. Practicing in a group amplifies the experience. Each class will include meditation and occasional Gong Relaxation. Bring a cushion to sit on and a yoga mat.


    Meditation is like a shower for your mind. Take time to still your thoughts and relax as you study various meditation techniques. Through breath, smell, sound and movement you decide which style of meditation resonates with you. Bring blanket or cushion, yoga mat, water bottle and towel to class.

    Monday Morning Chanting

    Chanting is a practice that can bring you to a state of internal peace when you use your voice in unison with others to raise your vibration and everyone in the room. It can work to move stuck energy and bring you joy and happiness. Come open to you, chant and leave smiling.

    Qi Gong with meditation and relaxation

    The origins of Tai Chi, this class is an ancient form of exercise which focuses on the mind with healing techniques and gentle moving standing poses to connect our body and mind energy as one. Through this practice, we can heal not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. Class will be held on the beach weather permitting and inside if the weather is not cooperating. Bring a yoga mat and water bottle to class.

  • Fitness 10 Punch Pass

    Our 10-Punch Fitness Pass allows you to choose your own fitness play according to your schedule. The pass can be used at any of the following classes: Zumba®, Zumba Gold®, Zumba Toning®, Bodytoning, Bodypower, Plyo-Flow, Pilates on the Mat. Please register for the RAINOUTLINE (rainoutline.com) to get class updates on last minute changes or cancellations of fitness classes. (One day workshops and one day special events are not included with the punch pass. fitness passes may only be purchased at our Administration Office and used within 6 months of purchase. No refunds or transfers. Please check website two days prior to first day to confirm class status.

    Punch Pass Fee: $122 Resident Discount Punch Pass Fee: $85

    Fitness & Yoga All Inclusive 10 Punch Pass

    Utilize the All Inclusive Punch Pass to get your full body workout in! This pass is good for all fitness and yoga classes. Take your fitness routine to a whole new level.

    Punch Pass Fee: $143 Resident Discount Punch Pass Fee: $100


    This schedule is the most up to date way to view class cancellations for planning use of your Fitness 10 Punch Pass or All Inclusive Punch Pass. Cancelled classes are highlighted in RED on the schedule. Classes that are Fitness Punch Pass eligible are denoted by 'FPP'

    fall 2021 Fitness/Yoga Schedule

    Fall 2021 Fitness/Yoga Digital Guide

    Summer 2021 Fitness/Yoga Schedule

    We recommend signing up for Rainout Line to receive immediate notification of class cancellation or schedule changes.

    Register for rainout line

  • Small Group Personal Training Sessions

    Want to train with a group of friends or family in your own private sessions? Join Donna Albano (AFA Certified Personal Training) and select the time and day of the week that works for your group. Donna will cater your workout to the group to help meet your personal goals. A 6 week session = $372. Please fill out the form below:

  • Group Fitness and Yoga Instructors


    Past Certified IDEA, ACE, Body Training Instructor

    Donna has been teaching fitness classes since the early days of aerobic dance, where she enjoyed many years of creating dance choreography for high energy classes. Donna has also lead step classes, helping people of all fitness levels get a challenging workout. Most recently, she thrives on encouraging people to change their bodies through endurance weight lifting. Over the years, Donna has been IDEA, ACE, Les Mills and Body Training System certified.

    A long time resident of Crystal Lake and a person who regularly hikes Sterne's Woods, Donna really embraces the community and beauty of our town.

    Jackie Hanshaw

    Zumba Instructor

    Jackie has been teaching fitness class for 4 years. She certified AFAA Group X instructor. Licensed in Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® kids, Aqua Zumba® and Pro Skills. Pro skills taught her the art of cueing the moves. Her classes have been said to be "easy to follow" and have "high energy" as you take a trip around the world with the different music and rhythms.

    Rae Lynne Morvay

    Zumba Gold and Pilates Instructor

    Rae Lynne Morvay has been performing various types of dance since the age of 4. She studied under Prima Ballerina Patty Page at the Patty Paige Dance Academy in Columbus, OH. Rae Lynne was a member of both SHS Tempo, and ECC Eccentricity Swing Choirs, and was one of the original members of the Ominous Dance Company. Rae Lynne has also taught both Aerobics and Toning Classes in the past. After taking time off to be a wife and a mother, Rae Lynne's passion for fitness was reignited when she signed up for a yoga class at the Crystal Lake Park District. Rae Lynne is AFFA Certified and also has certifications in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Circuit training, Pilates, Core Fitness, CPR, AED, and is SCW Group Fitness Certified.


    Yoga Instructor

    Lisa is a 500hr E-RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor of Kundalini, Hatha Yoga and Children's Yoga. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher. With over 18 years of teaching experience she offers Women's Retreats around the globe. You can find her teaching at Yoga Festivals sharing her love of yoga and meditation. During her 13 years as a Wall Street Trader, she learned the importance of stress management. Yoga, meditation, breathwork/sound healing with "The Gong" are tools she uses for a healthy mind/body and happy life.

    Donna albano

    Yoga Instructor

    Donna is a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and has been teaching mindful breathing and awareness for 12 years. She has passion for teaching yoga to kids, adults, prenatal and senior yoga.


    Whole Body Circuit Training Instructor

    Drenda is an ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified fitness instructor who has been involved with fitness her whole life and spearheaded a women's fitness program at her church in Cary. Drenda is licensed to teach REFIT® and Strong by Zumba® also trained as a holistic health coach and truly enjoys helping others experience fun in their fitness.

    ----Jamie Stirlen headshot.jpg


    Zumba® Instructor

    Jamie is an AFAA Certified Group X instructor and has been teaching Zumba® for the last 8 years. As a high school Spanish teacher, Jamie says that Zumba® has brought all three of her passions into one energetic class: Spanish, dance and fitness. In addition, Jamie has several other certifications including Aqua Zumba®, Zumba® Kids and Kids Jr., Zumba® Pro Skills, Pound Fitness and Strong by Zumba®. Jamie loves bringing the world to the dance floor!


    Zumba® Instructor

    Stacy is back teaching Zumba after taking an extended break. Earlier in her fitness days, she taught up to 6 classes per week, so she is excited to be back! She has worked at the park district in many different ways throughout her life, from ET Counselor to Recreation Supervisor. Stacy is certified in Zumba, Zumba Kids + Kids Jr, and Zumba Gold (as of September 2021). To make her Zumba classes even more engaging and easy-to-follow, she has also earned Zumba certificates in providing clear, consistent cues and offering virtual classes. The music and dance styles that are especially fun to her are salsa, merengue, and plain old pop/rock. Stacy truly thrives on connecting with people and loves getting to know her students both in and out of class. She can't wait to meet you!

  • *update May 21, 2020: walking club has been postponed until further notice**

    outdoor Walking Club


    Meeting locations will be emailed to the group 1-2 days prior to the walk

    First Wednesday of each month from 5-6 pm from April-October

    For fall 2019 location and schedule, contact Jennifer Peterson, (815) 459-0680 X1219, jpeterson@crystallakeparks.org

    Indoor Walking Club at The Racket Club


    You asked and we responded! Due to many requests for indoor walking options for active adults in the area, the Crystal Lake Park District is offering Indoor Walking at the Racket Club, located at 9101 S. Route 31, Algonquin. This program is free and membership at The Racket Club is not required to participate. The 1/6 mile walking area around the court perimeter will be available November-April, Monday-Friday, 7:30 am-8:30 am. For more information contact Rob Laue at 847-658-5688, rlaue@crystallakeparks.org