Administrative Services

Admin Office Services

Administrative Building

1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake

Lobby Hours of Operation

M-F, 8:30 am-5 pm

SA, 9:30 am-12 pm (April-July)

Drive Thru Hours of Operation

M-F 8:30 am-12 pm

2024 Holidays (Admin Office)

Mon, Jan 1

Mon, Feb 19

Mon, May 27

Th, Jul 4

Mon, Sep 2

Mon, Oct 14

Th, Nov 28

Fri, Nov 29

Tu, Dec 24

Wed, Dec 25

Tu, Dec 31

Please come inside to purchase:

  • Facility/Picnic Rentals
  • Watercraft Dry Storage
  • Garden Plots
After Hours: a drop off box is located next to the drive up window

Quick Links

2024 Walk-In Fishing Key card

Available and valid May 1, 2024-April 30, 2025

Park District Residents Only:

Fee: $35

Replacement key card: $10

Please Note: half price (Nov 1-Apr 30, 2025)

The Park District offers gate keys to residents who want to fish at WEST PARK beach before the park opens at 10 AM. Key allows for entrance through the park's special walk-in gates. Small portable boats are NOT allowed through the walk-in gate. All watercraft must enter thru boat gate. Daily admission fees apply to the permit holder and all guests wanting to use the beach and/or swimming areas at West Beach. In order to purchase a card, you must show proof of residency.

2024 Watercraft Lake Usage Decal

Available Apr 1, 2024-Mar 30, 2025
Residents of the City of Crystal Lake, the Village of Lakewood and the Crystal Lake Park District are eligible to purchase a lake usage decal for launching both non-motorized and motorized watercraft on Crystal Lake. These decals are required for any watercraft on Crystal Lake. Revenues from the decals will support lake ecology work.
Tiered Fee Structure
Non-Motorized Watercraft: $20
Motorized Watercraft
>0-39 HP: $50
40-99 HP: $75
100-199 HP: $125
200+ HP: $200
Unspecified HP: $200

Please note: in order to purchase a lake usage decal you must provide all of the following documents in person:

  • Illinois Watercraft Registration Card (sailboats and motorboats only). Card must show the watercraft is registered to the same owner/address.
  • Proof of Residency
  • Fee as listed above

2024 Boat Gate Key FOB

For complete information regarding Boat Gate Key Fobs for use of the Main and West Beach boat launches, as well as lake usage for kayak and stand up paddle board owners, please view our Boating Info Page

Park District Residents Only

Apr 1, 2024-Mar 30, 2025

Fee: $90 (Ages 18-59); $45 (Ages 60+)

Half price key fobs: Oct 1, 2024-Mar 30, 2025

Park District resident boat owners must purchase a new key fob each year to use the Main or West Park launch ramps. All watercraft must enter through launch gate. Residents living on the lake who wish to use the launch once at the beginning and end of the season should contact 815-477-5007 for access. One launch key fob per household. The boat must be registered to the resident's address regardless of dual ownership. Key fobs are not available to personally owned businesses, rental of vacant property owners in Crystal Lake who primary residence is not Crystal Lake. Daily admission fees apply to the permit holder and all guests wanting to use the beach and/or swimming areas at Main or West Beach. Key fobs may be purchased at the Administration Office.

Boat Launch Access and Watercraft Lake Usage Registration Form 2024

Please note: in order to purchase a key you must provide all of the following documents in person:

  • Illinois Watercraft Registration Card (sailboats and motorboats only)
  • Key Fee and Registration Form
  • Proof of Residency

Boat Launch Guidelines

2024 watercraft Dry Storage

Storage space is available: Apr 1-Oct 31, 2024

Park District Residents Only, one stall per household

Location: West Beach

One sailboat/rowboat: $160
One sailboat 16 ft or under that does not have a catamaran style hull
Two kayaks/stand up paddle boards or one canoe: $85
Boat Launch Access Key (18-59 years): $90
Boat Launch Access Key (60+): $45
Lake Usage Decal Fee: $20

The Park District has boat stalls available for rental in the West Park dry storage compound. The compound is lit to provide better security. Registration for dry storage spaces begin on April 1 at the Park District Administration Office and will be leased on a first-come, first-served basis. Watercraft must be removed from storage on or before October 31, 2024. One dry storage slip per household. Please bring proof of Park District residency.


Hound Town is a three-acre park located in the heart of the Lippold Park Sport Complex. It is a place where dogs can socialize and run off leash. The park is entirely fenced and is open year-round, dawn to dusk.

Hound Town is available for private functions! For more information contact Kurt Reckamp. Note, in the event of a private function, there will always be a section open for general dog park usage.

2024 Gate Key

2024 Hound Town Keys are valid 5/1/24-4/30/25.

Crystal Lake Park District residents and non-residents may purchase a key at the Administration Office.

You will need to bring the following documents in person:

  • Proof of Park District Residency
  • Proof of Rabies vaccination from your veterinarian (dog tags are not acceptable)

2024 Fees

Fees are half price beginning Nov 1, 2024-Apr 30, 2025
Rates First Dog Each Additional Dog
Resident Fee $40 $10
Senior Resident Fee (Age 60+) $25 $5
Non-Resident Fee $60 $10
Senior Non-Resident Fee (Age 60+) $40 $5

HOUND TOWN registration form/WAIVER

Hound Town RuleS

2024 Illinois Sports Licenses

Illinois Hunting, Fishing, and Trapping Licenses, Stamps and Permits

As of March 1, 2019 the Crystal Lake Park District no longer sells Illinois licenses through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Patrons can purchase their Illinois licenses on the IDNR website. There is a list of agencies in the area for the purchase of special permits on the IDNR website.

2024 Hill Farm Acres Garden Plots

Hill Farm Acres is located at 695 Barlina Road, behind Barlina House Preschool and Barn.


Garden plot dimensions: 20' x 40'

Growing season: May 1-October 31

Feb 12-Feb 22: Returning gardeners register for same plot from last year

Feb 23: Registration is open to all Park District residents

Mar 4: Registration open to the public

Registration/reservation (code #231601-03) is in person only at the Crystal Lake Park District Administration Building located at 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake.

Gardeners will receive plot assignments at time of registration along with planting guidelines. An email needs to be provided at time of registration to receive up-to-date information during the growing season. Questions? Contact Anne Sandor at


Gift Cards

Need a gift idea? Gift cards are available year round and can be used for classes, special events, senior trips, mini-golf and golf range, The Racket Club, Beach Pass or Boat Gate Key and Hound Town Key. Purchase gift cards in person at the Administration Building, 1 E. Crystal Lake Avenue, Crystal Lake during the office hours listed at the top of the page.

Scholarship Assistance

The Crystal Lake Park District recognizes that there are families in our community who suffer economic setbacks which prevent their children from joining our programs. We offer class scholarships to help those in need. One week notice is required for review of scholarship application. For more information, please call Heidi Stolt 815.459.0680 x1213 or email

Scholarship Form

Tree/Bench Memorials and Donations

The Crystal Lake Park District offers options to purchase a personal dedication in our parks:


Shade Tree Options

Swamp White Oak, Kentucky Coffee, Winter King Hawthorn, Sugar Maple, Marmo Maple, Northern Pin Oak, Hackberry, Catalpa, Bald Cypress, Ohio Buckeye, Shade Master Locust, American Hornbeam, Paperbark Maple, State Street Maple, Gingko, American Century Linden and Hybrid Elm.

Your will be contacted to discuss order details. A gift card commemorating your donation will be sent to a person of your choice and you will receive notice after the tree has been planted.

Orders placed before May 15 will be planted in the spring. Orders placed between May 15 and October 15 will be planted in the fall. It is not possible to specify an exact date of planting. If the tree dies within the first year after planting, it will be replaced at no charge. Replacements after one year are optional, and the donor is responsible for the cost. The cost of the tree includes planting and maintenance. To protect the tree from damage and disease, and to reduce littering, donors may not decorate the tree or leave personal mementos at the planting site. Items placed near the tree will be removed.


As of January 1, 2018, plaques are no longer allowed to be placed in or around the tree. Your donation will be recognized with a leaf shaped brass engraving on the Tree of Life in the Administrative Office lobby. You may customize the message on the Tree Order Form.

Bench Donations

Park benches may also be donated. The bench size, location and style is determined by the park district. A small plaque will be installed on the seat back of the bench at no charge. Benches can be installed year-round as weather permits. Please allow 8-10 weeks for installation.


If you would like to consider a tree or bench memorial download the Tree/Bench Memorial Information form. Credit card payments must be made in person at the Crystal Lake Park District Administrative Office. You will be contacted when your order is received to discuss the details. A gift card commemorating your donation will be sent to the person of your choice and you will receive a notice after the tree has been planted. For more information contact Valarie Roberts, 815.459.0680 ext. 2102.

Picnic Reservations

Picnic reservations are available year-round. Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

  • Please complete the Picnic Rental Agreement form and bring it with you to the Administrative Office.
  • Have a couple of dates to choose from in case your date has been taken!