Staff Directory

Administration/Business Services Division

Jason Herbster, Executive Director Direct Line: 779.994.4248
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1203
Tina Becke, Superintendent of Business Services Direct Line: 779.994.4245
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1206
Anna Olas, Human Resources Manager & Safety Coordinator

Direct Line: 779.994.4240
Main Line:
815.459.0680 x1202
Ann L. Viger, Director of Park Development & Interpretive Services
ADA Coordinator
Direct Line: 779.994.7276
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x4205
John Fiorina, Manager of Natural Resources & Interpretive Services Main Line: 815.455.1763

Will Sutphin, Nature Center Recreation Supervisor Main Line: 815.455.1763 x2401
Ben Johnson, Colonel Palmer House Manager Main Line: 815.477.5873
Jenny Leech, Marketing Manager Direct Line: 779.994.4250
Main Line:
815.459.0680 x1212
Jacqui Weber, Marketing Coordinator Direct Line: 779.994.4247
Main Line:
815.459.0680 x1214
Marguerite Foglesong, Customer Service Coordinator Direct Line: 779.994.4237
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1211
Anne Sandor, Executive Assistant/Office Manager Direct Line: 779.994.4236
Main Line:
815.459.0680 x1204
Jodi Penczak, Payroll Accountant Direct Line: 779.994.4251
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1207
Kim Dunn, Receivables Accountant Direct Line: 779.994.4254
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1233
Amanda Jaworskyj, Payables Accountant Direct Line: 779.994.4255
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1208

Recreation Program & Facility Services Division

Kurt Reckamp, Supt. of Recreation Program & Facility Services Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1216
Claire Naughton, Manager of Recreation Facilities Direct Line: 815.526.3206
Main Line:
815.459.0680 x1227
Lauren Thibodeau, Facility Rental Supervisor Direct Line: 779.994.4243
Main Line:
815.459.0680 x1226
Ian Booker, Athletic Supervisor Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1210
Rob Laue, Racket Club Manager Main Line: 815.658.5688 x2014
Conni Stinek, USPTA Tennis Director, Racket Club Main Line: 847.658.5688 x2015
Sandra Thompson, Recreation Supervisor Direct Line: 779.994.4256
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1220
Donna MacCrindle, Barlina House Preschool Director Main: 815.477.5403
Jennifer Peterson, Recreation Supervisor Direct Line: 779.994.4249
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1219
Heidi Stolt, Recreation Aquatics Supervisor Direct Line: 779.994.4244
Main Line: 815.459.0680 x1213
Rebecca Davison, Lippold Family Golf Center Manager (seasonal) Main Line: 815.477.5401

Park Services Division

Erik Jakubowski, Superintendent of Park Services 815.477.5007 x2101
Chief John Longo, Police Chief 815.356.2415 x2201
Kyle Berge, Parks Maintenance Manager 815.477.5007 x2104
Valarie Roberts, Grounds Supervisor 815.477.5007 x2102
Rec Alert RainoutLine: 815.410.4475, Crystal Lake Park District Rainoutline

Administrative Office: 815.459.0680

SEECOM Displatch (to report problem in a Crystal Lake Park District Park): 815.356.1114